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All types of Memory Cards converted to DVD


As all memory cards vary in size they can contain all sorts of video and photographs on them. To keep prices simple, we charge just 20 for any single memory card, USB Pen Drive, or SD Card.

This covers any amount of video up to 2 hours long or up to 900 digital still images, or any combination of the two onto a single 2 hour DVD. If your card has more than this on it we may have a small additional charge to spit this onto a twin DVD set. (We would call you to confirm this)

We convert all your videos onto a fully customised slideshow DVD with your choice of title on screen. We can also add your digital stills as a photo slideshow after the video. You can even send us a CD to add to the slideshow. We also provide you with a FREE additional DVD-ROM of all your photographs for you to archive, print, or even share on social media like Facebook. This also means you can re-use your memory cards knowing your images are permanently backed up on a read only disc. 

Your DVD will have simple transitions on screen between images, you can add your own music at no extra charge or we can add a light classical soundtrack to compliment the images. If you wish you can sort your images into chapters and give them a title. This will appear on screen and let you navigate your DVD via chapter points so you can jump back and forth to your favorite parts in seconds. You can also order extra DVD copies at discounted rates from as little as 5.

Micro SD Card and other memory sticks converted to DVD

All memory card sizes and types are the same low price

  • Any size of memory card.

  • Any type of photo or video content.

  • HD Video folders like BDMV/BDAV converted to DVD for 20 (under 2 hours)

  • HD Video folders like BDMV/BDAV converted to Blu-ray for 30 (under 2 hours)

We can also guarantee the price we quote you before processing will be the total price we charge for our services. email us and we will get back to you with a full quote.

   USB Memory converted to DVD or Blu-ray Movies

Call free on 0800 0141666 and we can arrange to collect your films and photos from anywhere in the UK and provide you with an exact quote the next working day.  Then on your go ahead, we will restore your films to a DVD or your chosen format. We also return your original tapes.

Calll us free in the UK for advice and a quote. We convert any film type in a digital frame by frame process.



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