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Cine Transfer Prices made simple

We charge for the actual length of your 8mm or 16mm films in feet.

10p per foot onto video or hard drive

15p per foot onto DVD, 30p per foot onto Blu-ray.

We automatically adjust your films to appear at natural speeds, as we charge per foot of film this is included in our flat rates. This way you know exactly what your film transfer is going to cost. We don't charge for extras either, everything else your films need to look their best is included in the price:

  •  Per foot charge means you don't pay for half full reels.

  • Free Cleaning. Films are cleaned by air jets to remove dust and lint fluff.

  • Free Restoration. Broken splices and blank sections are digitally removed

  • Free Colour Correction. Each reel assessed per scene for colour shift.

  • Free titles added. Your own word on screen before each reel. Just include a list.

  • Free Music Added. Silent films can have your choice of music dubbed.

  • Free Additional Copies. We include 3 DVD copies with your order. We don't copy protect these.

  • Free DVD-ROM. We include a mpeg2 archive copy to keep in a safe place to safe guard your memories. This can also be copied and edited further on any PC or MAC. 

If you would like to work out how much film you have use our guide to film spool sizes. It shows helps you know exactly what kind of film you have and the size of the reel will help you work out how long the films are. Click Here.


Examples 50 foot  200 foot  400 foot  800 foot  1600 foot  3200 Foot
To Video/HDD 5 20 40 80 160 320
To DVD 7.50 30 60 120 240 480
To Blu-Ray 15 60 120 240 480 960

 The above prices includes everything extra above and we also reduce the total price if you spend over 100 so larger orders can be much cheaper per foot. Also we accept your old equipment as a trade in. Send us your old projectors and cameras, anything cine related and we guarantee a credit for each item to reduce the overall cost of your transfer guaranteed.

We use a totally digital process and don't need to charge extra for different reel sizes or half full reels or damaged films. You only pay for the actual physical length of your films. We can also guarantee the price we quote you before processing will be the total price we charge for our services. email us and we will get back to you with a full quote.

Click Here to organise your cine to DVD running order.   

Call free on 0800 0141666 and we can arrange to collect your films from anywhere in the UK and provide you with an exact quote the next working day.  Then on your go ahead, we will restore your films to a digital master and produce your chosen format. We also return your original films.

Calll us free in the UK for advice and a quote. We convert any film type in a digital frame by frame process.



 Digital Cine Film Transfers to DVD, DVD-ROM, Blu-ray, AVI, QuickTime, CD, CD-ROM etc.

8mm to DVD transfer services for the UK, London, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Dublin, BelfastFrequently asked questions: 8mm to DVD transfer services for the UK, London, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Dublin, Belfast

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