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Below is a 16mm clip converted by a Projector & 3CCD Camera, this is a widely used transfer method and should be avoided in our opinion as the quality is awful.
This is typical of what you might expect from a "Budget" transfer company.
 Compare this to our HD transfers further down and the choice is clear!

Below in the larger window is the same clip via our HD Frame by Frame System.
It is a high quality video so may take a moment to buffer. 
You can view this in HD or SD by adjusting the settings 


This is the same clip scanned frame by frame. Press play then adjust to view in SD or HD

It is a simple truth that some companies offer a "Budget Quality" transfer service as an excuse for bad quality!
The Professional Film scanners that produce our DVD's cost tens of thousands of pounds, as a result local film
transfer shops can't possibly afford this equipment so are most likely cutting corners using and old projector
type set up. By sending your films in centrally to us you can be assured of a high quality transfer.

Compare below, We don't offer low quality transfers, all our transfers are done to the highest standards.
Even if you only want a regular DVD we still transfer your film at high definition for editing 
and digital enhancements to be done. We then use this HD digital master to make your
chosen format. Be it DVD, Video, AVI, Blu-Ray, Quicktime etc.

Above split screen shows what you are missing with some transfer methods!

Calll us free in the UK for advice and a quote. We convert any film type in a digital frame by frame process.



 Digital Cine colour correction and restoration

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