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Why use us? Good question! Here a few reasons:

  • We are an high street shop, not just a website!

  • First and most importantly, as you probably know the internet is full of websites offering goods and services. Most of these sites are from genuine companies, however some web sites are misleading, some unreliable and some just plain fake. We are not just a virtual website but a UK based 'bricks and mortar' shop too! We welcome customers to call into our high street drop of shops at 15-23 Tollcross Road, Glasgow, G31 4UG or you get us to come to you and collect your films instead!
  • Call us Free on 0800 0141666

  • You can ring us too! Not just on some  anonymous mobile number but directly on any of our five BT Freephone lines 24/7. Monday to Saturday 9am until 5pm you can also talk to the technicians who actually prepare and complete your film transfer.  (Call 0800 0141666 free or direct dial on 0141 556 5358) 
  • Free estimates up front with no payment in advance

  • The price we quote you in advance is the price you will pay, we accept good old fashioned cheques for customers who don't want to pay online. Also by debit or credit card with NO card surcharge.
  • Only full HD Film scanners are used

  • We genuinely have the best equipment available, many competitors only do film as a side line, that often why they charge a "set up fee" We don't have to set up, we do film transfers every day in our digital studios with custom built equipment that can scan all film formats with low heat LED backlighting and direct film scanning in full colour HD. You always get extra copies free, and a DVD-ROM.
  • Check out our examples page

  • We could go on and on, but please do use your own judgment and get an example if you are in any doubt about the quality of anyone.




Calll us free in the UK for advice and a quote. We convert any film type in a digital frame by frame process.



8-mm.net for Digital Cine Film Transfers to DVD, \DVD-ROM, Blu-ray, AVI, QuickTime, CD, CD-ROM etc.

8mm to DVD transfer services for the UK, London, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Dublin, BelfastFrequently asked questions: 8mm to DVD transfer services for the UK, London, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Dublin, Belfast

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